Alexandre Vauthier


Alexandre Vauthier founded the couture Maison that bears his name in 2009. The first collection was the result of several trips and collaborations, notably to Japan and the United States, both of which have inspired his vision and expanded his creative universe. Alexandre Vauthier has chosen to work hand-in-hand with French artisans, from Lesage embroidery to Lemarié feathers, craftsmanship he has discovered and mastered over the course of his career in couture fashion. The Maison's collections are characterized by their radical nature, expressed through both the precision in the cuts of his designs as well as the consistently reinvented volumes. Whether it is the intricate aspect of a pleat or the sparkle of a sequin, the Maison is renowned for its high precision and assertive sensuality. The silhouettes featuring in its garments are instantly recognizable and anchor its style at the crossroads between the culture of French fashion and the international influences that inspire it. These creations seduce the press, luxury clients and celebrities from all over the world, who are all keen to embrace the aesthetic and signature looks of Alexandre Vauthier at exceptional events.

The Maison has been the 14th member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute-Couture since 2014 and is now part of the official calendar for this unique Fashion Week.